Within the framework of the Present Perfect Festival an educational session

On July 26, as part of the Present Perfect festival, a traditional educational session dedicated to the development of the music industry will be held on the territory of Sevkabel Port. The project was initiated by the authoritative educational project of Moscow Music School and is part of Ballantine’s True Music global platform, whose mission is to support music culture and innovative artists around the world. The program includes a lecture block, as well as a series of master classes on technical aspects of creativity, at the end of the session film screenings will be held.

14:00 – 15:30
ROLAND LIVE BOUTIQUE – master class with an interactive part.

Demonstration of Roland instruments in close connection with Roland and Ableton software and hardware environment in solo performance mode.

A master class from St. Petersburg DJ and producer Andrei Primat will present various subtleties and nuances of composing music on Roland synthesizers. Andrei will show how the tools look and sound, how they are switched from Ableton Live, and will also demonstrate professional chips and tricks in the software configuration settings of the devices. Then on the move will collect live live, after which the students themselves will be able to practice creating music using Roland and Ableton Live.

About the participants:
Andrei Primate is a legendary DJ and producer from St. Petersburg, one of the pioneers of the electronic scene in Russia.
Registration: https://moscowmusicschool.ru/events/136613/?fbclid=IwAR2ujNFOP4q31OmiOvDEMTph1W0UnVH3si2yR7hphFLANpgkzWiXeNBVcQ4

15:30 – 17:00

Panelists will gather to discuss how to effectively build an artist’s career in the modern conditions of development of the music business. You will learn how the ideology and concept of the artist is created, how media and SMM strategies are developed for its promotion to local and foreign markets, how creativeness is being developed in the field of attracting sponsors. In addition, participants will share their professional experience in the protection of copyright, the layout of the artist’s touring schedule, as well as the recording and release of releases.

About the participants:
Tatyana Makarova – co-founder of the RUSH initiative, program director of the Moscow Music Week conference, INTURIST manager, GS, Simple Symmetry.
Ekaterina Volkova – SPBCH group manager, member of the team of the Faces & Laces festivals and the Red Bull Music Festival.
Evgeny Merkushev is a co-founder of Music Development Russia, a musician of the On-The-Go group. In 2015, together with Ekaterina Bazhanova, founded Music Development Russia, a music agency that manages young Russian artists, develops a brand and market entry strategy, and promotes modern Russian music on the international market.
Registration: https://moscowmusicschool.ru/events/136613/?fbclid=IwAR2ujNFOP4q31OmiOvDEMTph1W0UnVH3si2yR7hphFLANpgkzWiXeNBVcQ4

17:00 – 18:00

The discussion will be attended by representatives of independent radio stations from the UK and Russia – Rinse FM, Test FM, New New World, as well as Will Davenport – a representative of the Boiler Room project and the authoritative online media about electronic music – the Resident Advisor. The session will be moderated by the chief editor of Mixmag Russia – Ilya Voronin.
Participants will tell how they created their own radio, discuss the secrets of the success of iconic online radio stations and how they differ from hundreds of imitators, what are the ways to monetize platforms, what specifically DIY radio gives the local stage and how it affects the cultural landscape.

Ilya Voronin – moderator of the discussion, chief editor of Mixmag Russia
Andrey Algoritmic – representative of the radio station New New World
Stas Kalivasin – founder and ideologist of Test FM
Eniz Menedez – curated by Rinse FM
Will Davenport – Boiler Room Representative
Chal Ravens – Resident Advisor Journalist
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18:15 – 19:15
Open Registration Improvisation Session

Anyone can take part in jam sessions with musicians from the line-up festival. The number of participants is limited to no more than 10 people (two jams of 5 people, 30 minutes each).
Jam session guest stars – star duo from Lyon The Pilotwings are the first residents of the Brothers From Different Mothers imprint. Pasha the Newcomer – a Petersburg artist and a bright representative of the Russian electronic scene with many years of experience in live performances, will act as moderator of the session. The participant of large international festivals Present Perfect Festival, GAMMA, Synthposium. The tone of improvisation will also be set by: Mårble – a project by Anton Glebov and Mikhail Gavrilov (Misha Sultan). Anton records psychedelic electronics using live instruments and cassette recorders, published on Not Not Fun (US) and Sacred Phrases (US) labels. Mikhail is a multi-instrumentalist from Novosibirsk with extensive experience in improvisational performances, a member of the Echotourist community and a session musician of many different projects.
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The screening of the documentary will conclude with a discussion with the creator director, Jacopo Patierno. Moderator of the discussion – Vyacheslav Krasheninkinkov (founder of the Skweeeterburg community).

A documentary road movie about Finnish-Swedish producers working in the skweee genre. Skweee [Squi:] – born in the mid-2000s, a synthetic genre based on the funk groove, rhythmic moves of hip-hop, soul and arab’en’bi, with an unhurried pace and characteristic low-frequency analog sound and periodic races to adjacent territories – from Chiptyun and electro to IDM and dubstep.
Director Jacopo Patierno filmed musicians’ journeys throughout the year: starting from the Stockholm suburbs, crossing the Baltic Sea to Finland and, finally, the final destination – a concert at the legendary Sónar festival in Barcelona.

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Attention! Limited number of seats!

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