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Creative meeting with writer Anna Matveeva

In the teleconference mode, from the studio of the Library and Cultural Complex, Anna Matveyeva will communicate with readers who are in libraries in different parts of Russia at this time, answer questions, and tell about the history of the creation of works. The meeting leader is Natalia Klyukina, head of the bibliographic department of the Central Library System of the Kirovsky District.

Anna Matveeva about herself: “I didn’t have much choice – I knew from childhood that I would become a writer. I was also very interested in opera, but kind people rather quickly explained that I don’t have any chances here. I graduated from the journalism department, and I never regretted about it – although I obviously didn’t have enough knowledge, and then I had to get it myself. But journalism taught me to communicate with people and ask questions, and these qualities are invaluable for a writer. “

The first publications of Anna appeared in the mid-90s. Today, separate books have included collections of stories, novels, novels: “Lost Jockey,” “Pas de Troy”, “Dyatlova Pass or Mystery of Nine” (“the best thing in Russian literature in 2001,” according to Dmitry Bykov), “Heaven “,” Golev and Castro “,” Find Tatiana “,” Eat! “,” Wait, I’ll die – and come “,” Nine nineties “,” Enviable sense of Faith Stenina “,” Phantoms of the Opera “,” Lolotta “,” Citizens “,” Hidden Rivers “.

The stories and stories of the writer were published in the literary journals Ural, Novy Mir, Zvezda, Friendship of Peoples, October, Znamya, Snob and others, as well as in collective collections Heir Belkina “,” All about Eve “,” Thick: a literary almanac, “etc.

In the period from 1997 to 2017. Matveyeva became the winner of the Lo Stellato awards (Italy), the Ural magazine, the Bazhov Prize, the finalist of the Russian literary awards named after Belkin, Yuri Kazakov, the Big Book, the National Bestseller, the Buninsky Prize, etc.

The works have been translated into Italian, English, French, Czech, Chinese, Finnish, Polish.

Free admission! Limited number of seats. Record on the event by phone from Mon. on Fri from 10:00 to 18:00: (812) 752-01-29.

Venue: Library and Cultural Complex. A. V. Molchanov, Kirovsky District. Address: Leninsky pr., D. 115.

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