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In the Vyborg District Baba Yaga is appeared

On the Road from Kamenka to Vyborg a new road sign is appeared – it is Baba Yaga, who tries to prevent local reckless drivers from traffic accidents. Between 55 and 56 km unknown artists made the installation that encourage drivers do not drive too fast on the road.

The new «sign» represents a witch who fled into a pine tree because of speeding. Under the witch there is a sign on the tree that says: «do not drive fast».

Under the tree there is a large rock painted with a white color. And it is with a sign on it that carefully warn: «hurry up slowly». Another significant detail of this fairy atmosphere is a little devil who comfortably settled down on the ground beside the rock. In this place even he looks like a positive character who kindly remind that some roads can lead to the Hell.

«Author has a great taste and sense of humor» – one of the social network users shared his opinion about a new «road sign».

Also unknown artists did not forget to warn the most bravest exorcists. After all, if a devil «protects» reckless drivers who protects devil?

Author: Elena Dobrodeeva


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