день достоевского

St. Petersburg will host Dostoevsky Day

In 2019, the city holiday “Day of Dostoevsky” marks 10 years. Museums, theaters and libraries will traditionally take part in an unusual literary campaign. This year, the blacksmith lane will again be the main venue of the holiday.

The Day of Dostoevsky will begin on July 5 at 4:00 pm with the program “Day Before” in the Garden of Friendship on Liteyny Prospect. Walking public waiting for a meeting with the heroes of Dostoevsky: art objects of the installation “What’s inside?”. The whole evening will be working in the garden: “The Book Arbor” & “The Book Works”, the quiz “Rodion Romanych and Others”, the workshop of printed graphics by Petersburg artist Yuri Shtapakov. Each guest of the holiday will be able to make a gift for himself – an original print on a plot from Dostoevsky, made with his own hands on a printing press under the guidance of a master. The culmination of “Day Do” will be a big “FMD concert” – a polyphonic musical and literary history performed by wonderful Petersburg artists. The host of the concert program, Irina Chizhik, will conduct a real study of the connection between F.M. Dostoevsky and music, will talk about music and musicians in the life of the writer and the embodiment of Dostoevsky’s work in music.

The main events of the holiday will take place on July 6th.

Dostoevsky Day will begin at 11.00 with the traditional laying of flowers and lighting candles in the Necropolis of art masters.

Also at 11.00 start the excursion program “Youth of Dostoevsky”. Young volunteer guides of the Dostoevsky Museum will tell about the life of their beloved writer, about the history of the creation of works and about the fate of his heroes. During the year, volunteers were trained in the museum to tell about the Petersburg writer of Russian literature and show addresses related both to the fate of the author himself and to his characters.

At 12.00 in the Kuznechny lane will start “Dostoevsky carnival”. The program includes a flash mob at the Dostoevsky monument, giant puppets of the Puppet Format Theater, live sculptures of the Bitcom Theater, the Our Dostoevsky action and the display of video clips from the past.

The FMD-Theater will present the premiere of the play “Literary Assemblage”. Writers who influenced Dostoevsky’s work materialize on the podium: Cervantes, Molière, Hoffmann, Dickens, Balzac, Dumas and their characters. Together they will present “combined scenes”, a special literary “assemblage” connecting the works of different authors. The ironic host of the holiday, as always, will help the audience to understand what is happening. In the play are busy: Gennady Alimpiev, Oleg Almazov, Ivan Batarev, Ilya Del, h. but. Of Russia Vitaly Kovalenko, Vera Paranicheva, h. but. Russian Vasily Reutov, Daria Rumyantseva, h. but. Russia Artem Tsypin, Yegor Shmyga and others.

The program of each participant is presented on the Dostoevsky Day website (http://dostoevskyday.ru/) and on the Dostoevsky Day pages in social networks (https://www.facebook.com/dostoevskyday/, https://vk.com/dostoevskyday) .

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